About me:

Henry Boon is a freelance illustrator and artist currently residing in Norwich, Norfolk. Graduating from the Norwich school of art and design in 2010 he has since been honing his skills within the illustration world through Digital media, Large scale murals and acrylic paintings.  Drawing inspiration from street art, video games and anime/manga Henry has created a very unique and playful style that's bound to put a smile on your face.

My digital illustration predominately focuses on character design and the wonders of day to day life. Looking through the work you will see a varied style but all with an underlying theme and feel to them. This is my bread and butter and what I'm working on pretty much 24/7. I am always up for hearing what ideas you as a client might have, i work fast and to a very professional standard. 

I love to paint. This to me was always a way to help clear my mind and step away from the computer. However over the years this has manifested itself in to something much more and have sold numerous canvases and had a couple of solo exhibitions. I'm currently working on a new body of work for an exhibition at the end of 2020

My spray painted murals are another thing that originally was born out of fun with my friends and my love for graffiti and has now transformed its self in to a career path that feel incredibly humbled to be able to do for clients. Out of the commissions i get to do these are always my favorite and most enjoyable to work on.


If you are interested in a commission or just curious to see more of my work please contact me through.

E-mail: Henryboon@yahoo.com

Instagram: @henry_boon_

(This is my only IG account, I don't own another one if you find anyone impersonating please DM me. Thank you)

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